Why Choose Tapmagic

  • We have been supplying our range of quick fit plugin type prewired Instant Hot & Boiling Water Taps & deluxe waste food disposers for 7 years .
  • All you need is a water supply and three pin plug.
  • Our deluxe range is the quickest and least expensive to fit compared to wired systems as it only needs a water connection as opposed to a major wiring installation.
  • If ever a problem arises using any item we will offer you a temporary replacement whether your in or out of Warranty. We like take care of our customers.
  • Before you purchase compare the pros and cons of a wired in appliance compared to our simple quick fit solutions that are fully guaranteed with complete back up parts in stock.
  • All wiring electrical and fuse needs are built into each item and ready to fit so as to avoid electrical and wiring  installation costs for you.
  • We always strive to complete purchase to delivery within 48 hours as all listed products are in stock at all times.

TapMagic is the answer!

We have products for your kitchen, bathroom, mobile home, campervan, boat or even your shed.

To heat a 55 litre tank of water from 10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius costs approx. 65 cents and can take approx. 30 minutes plus.

To heat water to 55 degrees Celsius with our instant hot water taps or showers cost 0.01 cents and takes approx. 30 seconds. Throughout the year this gives you huge savings on both your electricity bills and your water usage and now with the new gas increases if you heat your water using gas you will save further again.

How it works?

All tapmagic products work in the same way ! As the cold water passes the heating element within the tap or shower unit the water is heated to the required temperature by adjusting the handle that controls the water flow .

All tapmagic taps can replace existing mixer taps and allow you the choice of both hot or cold water at your convenience .Taps can easily be fitted alongside your existing system giving you another option when it comes to cutting down on your hot water heating costs while also saving on water usage and giving you an unlimited supply of hot water immediately when you need it.