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Do you love the idea of an instant hot water tap? A boiling water tap ?

Save money, save time, and get instant hot water in seconds with a hot water tap from Tap Magic.

There’s nothing complicated about our range of taps; all you need is a water supply and a 3-pin plug. Select your tap choice and you’ll be delighted with your 24/7 instant hot water tap

An instant hot water tap is just what you need for your kitchen, bathroom, mobile home, campervan, or even your garage or shed, we have the solution!

Cost saving and energy saving are top of everyone’s agenda these days. Installing instant hot water taps in your home or workplace will tick the boxes.

Tap Magic have been supplying a range of quick-fit plugin type, prewired hot water taps, boiling water taps and food waste disposers for over 7 years. We’re all about quality products and customer service, striving to deliver your hot water tap within 48 hours to you . We’ll even offer you a temporary replacement if you have a problem with your old tap outside of warranty, that’s how confident we are with our product range.

Our hot water tap, boiling water tap, instant water heater and electric shower all work in the same way to give you instant hot water. Cold water passes the heating element inside the tap or shower unit and is heated to the required temperature, controlled by adjusting the handle that controls the water flow. You can easily replace your existing mixer tap for an instant hot water tap, or if you prefer fit alongside your current system giving you both options.

Instant hot water at your kitchen sink

  • Forget about slaving at the kitchen sink – install a kitchen electric tap and you have instant hot water immediately.
  • A boiling water tap means no more waiting around for that much needed cup of tea or mug of warming soup and uses much less energy than your electric kettle.
  • If you’ve had enough of clearing gunky food waste and bins, fitting a kitchen sink food waste disposer will sort the problem for you and reduce food waste in your kitchen.

Instant hot water in your bathroom or wash hand basin

  • In the morning rush hour your bathroom is in high demand. Fitting a bathroom electric tap to the hand basin or the bath can bring order and calm to the morning routine.
  • Banish the calls of ‘who used the last of the hot water?’ with an electric shower and instant hot water tap from the Tap Magic range.
  • A water heater or hand-wash basin tap can be a great bathroom essential; whether you have a house-full or live alone. The tap and shower head gives multiple uses with instant hot water in seconds. It’s only starts heating when switched on making a great energy saving device, like all our hot water taps.

Choose from our range of instant hot water taps and food waste disposers and make a difference to your home energy bills and the environment!