A qualified plumber must be used when fitting any TapMagic electrical product or An Electrician where Applicable In accordance with water and electrical regulation fitting:

  1. Before installation ensure you water and electrical supply are isolated. If retro fitting remove the existing tap.
  2. Ensure the hot water supply is isolated we recommend fitting a blank device to existing hot water supply.
  3. Place the tap in the desired fitting location using one of the supplied rubber washers between the tap and the fitting surface.
  4. Underneath the sink place  the fixing piece and then secure in place using the fixing nut being careful not to over tighten.

Plumbing installation is as follows:

  1. The cold mains water supply is connected to the water inlet of the end of the tap.
  2. After plumbing the tap move the handle to the cold position to allow water to flow and check for any leaks.
  3. Electrical installation is as follows. Brown/live, blue/neutral, green yellow/earth to be connected to the the 3 pin plug or desired fused spur outlet.
  4. Switch on electrical current then move the handle to hot position to allow water to flow, the power indicator on the tap should light.
  5. Water will begin to heat after 5-10 seconds optimum heat is achieved when the lever is moved back toward the off position at the centre.
  6.  Move the handle back to the off position the indicator light will go off and the water will stop flowing.

Your tap is now installed and ready for use.