Hand Wash Water Heater Shower Combi


Handwash Water Heater Shower Combined , Multiple uses quick and easy to fit.1 yr warranty free delivery.

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  • High heating efficiency Copper heating element , non pressurized
  • Rotary adjust On/off knob, Heating power 1 & 2 & 3,easy operation
  • Safety High temperature cut out protection TCO

Product Specifications

Electric Shower Water Heater 3.5KW comes with copper plated heating element, 3 Power Settings.  Adjustable shower set, safety thermostat, instant hot water within seconds, quiet operation, energy saver. Electric Shower Water Heater 3.5KW  heats the water to the required temperature directly as it flows through the unit. The appliance only consumes power during this period. It starts to heating when switching on and does not waste energy in vain by waiting . That is why Electric Shower Water Heater 3.5KW/ 5.5KW/ 6.5KW instant water heater is energy efficient.

Type Combi Heater/Shower
Product Number TM35
Heating technology Electricity + instant heating
Pressurized No, single point use only
Installation Single point, above sink
Product dimension 248*95*134mm
Technical data
Rated voltage 220V
Rated output 3.5Kw
Rated current 25A
Frequency 50Hz
Heating elements Copper
Enclosure ABS, white color
Temperature accuracy No thermostatic
Hot water limit 85°С
Inlet/outlet pipe connection G1/2
Water proof rating IPX4


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