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Due to ongoing technical issues we have no choice but to discontinue until further notice

Anybody who purchased will receive a full refund or a choice of any other tap on our website

We apologise unreservedly and thank you for your understanding

We do not install any longer !!!

Instant Hot Water Tap

Instant Electric Hot Water Tap

This great new electric hot water tap allows you to produce instant hot water without the need to turn on your immersion or central heating.

Current Price Only €129.95

This new electric hot water tap operates has a touch screen facility which allows you to adjust the temperature to run up to 55 degrees celcius.

This tap connects up to your cold water supply and through an internal electric heating element you can run either cold or hot water from your tap without waiting or wasting water.

 Instant Hot Water Tap


This stylish tap has a stainless steel body and a stainless steel faucet and will help give your kitchen a modern look.

Using patent heating technology this tap is perfect to use if you don’t have combi-boiler or have to heat the water separately.

This electric hot water tap is for household use and public. It can be used for kitchen sinkbasin but is not suitable for your shower.

Advantages of an Instant Hot Water Tap

Traditionally we all either turn on the immersion or the heating system to heat it up water however doing this has three fundamental flaws

1: It takes a long time for the water to heat up(generally about 30 minutes for a 55 litre immersion) and this can be particularly frustrating especially when you are in a hurry.

2: Very often we turn on the heating system or immersion and heat a full tank of hot water when we only need to use a few litres for washing dishes or cleaning vegetables when cooking. The rest of the heated water is adding unnecessarily to your energy bill.


3: Because the water has a long way to travel from the boiler to the tap a lot of cold water is often wasted whilst you wait for the hot water to come through to the kitchen sink. With water charges on the way we can’t afford to continue to do this.

Typical Saving By Installing the Instant Electric Hot Water Tap

Using a quite conservative estimate the Instant Electric Hot Water Tap is 70% cheaper than using an immersion to heat water.

Taking current energy rates in Ireland (about 19 cent per Kwh) it would cost around 65 cent every time you heat up a 55 litre immersion and it will take 30 minutes or more for it to heat up.


The Instant Hot Water Tap takes around 3 to 5 seconds to heat the water and will add only about 1 cent to your energy bill.

The estimated pay back time for this product is about 12 months for a typical family of four.

Electric Hot Water Tap Product Features & Specifications

  • Instant for hot water, no wait, no waste
  • Stainless steel body, stainless steel faucet.
  • Patent heating technology
  • Double selection for cold water & hot water supply
  • Touch screen to operate the temperature setting, auto 300
  • Memory function on water temperature to avoid repeated operation.
  •  LED digital outlet temp. & setting temp. are clear at glance
  • Double micro switch control avoid dry heating
  •  Power cord can be connected above / under the table board.
  •  The nozzle is rotatable in 180°
  • Voltage: 220-240V/50/60Hz
  • Power: 3.3kw
  • Min. water flow to active unit: 1L/ per min
  • Work pressure: 0.02-0.6MPa
  • Height (Above sink) 273mm, height (below sink) 76mm Width (of Spout) 222mm
  • Weight 2.3Kg
  • Product Dimensions 48.8 x 12.7 x 25.5 cm
  • Temperature Range 30-50 Degrees Celcius


Where can the Instant Hot Water Tap be Installed?

It is ideally suited to either single or double basin sinks in the kitchen and it can be fitted to replace old taps.

It is highly recommended that a qualified plumber is used to install the instant hot water tap which is in accordance with water and electrical regulations.



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    Nothing but trouble but I received another tap and it’s working fantastic , great aftersales service

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