Instant Electric Bathroom Tap -Princess Magic Deluxe Free installation kit & Free Next Day Delivery With This Product


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Free installation kit & Free delivery with this product – Installation arranged upon request.

  • Kitchen or Bathroom. This mixer tap teplaces old fashioned mixer taps by heating  the element withinin the tap at point of use giving you both hot and cold water using mains water and standard household electricity . A must have item for modern kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Technology reference:
    • With CE and CCC marks
    • plugin type
    • Power voltage: 220V
    • Power frequency: 50Hz (60Hz)
    • Rated power:  3kW
    • Flow of hot water: 2 to 2 to 2.5L/m
    • Water pipe size: G1/2
    • Working pressure: 0.04 to 0.4mPa
    • Hot water temperatures: 30 to 60℃
    • Water-proof rank: IP x4
    • Surface material: ABS maximum resistant temperatures: 125 ℃
    • Power wire length: 1.5 meter
  • Function characteristics:
    • Have hot water in 3 to 5 seconds
    • No need to preheat, 24 hours on-demand hot water supply
    • Cold water and hot water freely shift
    • Output water temperature: 30 to 60°C
    • Outlet pipe can rotate in 180° freely
    • Dual isolation between water and electric part
    • Over-temperature protection, overpressure protection
    • Dry heating protection, Electric leakage protection, electric leakage self-checking
    • Silicone Tubing Inside Spout To Prevent  burning  When Touched


Nominal Power Rating / 240V 3KW
MCB Protection Device / 16Amps
Electrical Supply / 13 Amp Three Pin Plug Or Fused Spur Outlet
Cable Entry Point / Pre Wired
Cable Size / 2.5mm²
Heating Range / Ambient  / 60c Max.

Inlet Connection /  Flexi Hose/supplied
Water Entry Points / Bottom
Minimum Running Pressure / 0.5 bar
Maximum Static Pressure 2 bar pressure

  • Silicone insulated spout -How it works?
  • When water is heated in the tap chamber it has to pass through the chrome spout ! Now we use a silicone tube that keeps the water insulated from touching off of this cold spout delivering it at the same temperature you paid to heat it to in the first place . Over the year this saves you even more money on water and electricity by cutting down on even more waste water and electricity.




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